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  • SINOTRUK LNG Trucks Running on Africa


    Since the beginning of 2017 new year, Sinotruk Africa dept received the order of more than 100 units V7G LNG trucks. Considering that this is the first bulk order for the LNG trucks, to improve the customers to manage the fleet and maintenance of the trucks. From the beginning of March, Sinotruk arranged the engineers to train the customers’ mechanics, help the customers solve the problems th....

  • 10 units Howo tractor trucks delivered to Hangzhou Logistic Company


    At 9th, Feb, Sinotruk Fujian Auto Sales Company opened promotion meeting for Howo Man trucks at Hangzhou Tangshi Logistic Company. At the meeting, 10 units Howo tractor trucks were delivered to Hangzhou Tangshi Logistic Company. In recent years, Sinotruk by virtue of a good quality and cost-effective, provide users with high-quality automotive equipment and full satisfaction of services, more to....

  • CNHTC Africa Department General Representative Visited Togo Transport Minister


    Recently, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Africa Department General Representative Mr. Zhang Yuzong went to the Western country Togo to conduct the market research, and visited Togo Transport Minister. The two sides had cordial and friendly talks during the visit. Mr. Zhang thanked the government of Togo for their support and helps to CNHTC’s development in Togo markets, and introduces t....

  • President of Sierra Leone, Koroma, visited Sinotruk


    At the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President Koroma of Sierra Leone, who was on a state visit to China, visited China National Heavy Duty Truck on the afternoon of December 3. Chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Mr. Ma Chunji, Chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (CNHTC), Mr. Liu Wei, Executive Director of China National Heavy Duty Truck (Hong Kong....

  • German Bayern Entrepreneurs visited SINOTRUK


    On 31st, Oct, around 10 entrepreneurs from German Bayern sate visited SINOTRUK, and they visited the Sinotruk MC engine production line with the company of Sinotruk executive director Mr. Wang Shanbo. After knowing that Sinotruk MC series engines have the same level with European technology, the visitors gave the great comments for the mature system, advanced technology, high efficiency, an....

  • Sinotruk Officially Launched Intelligent Connected Truck


    Sinotruk launched intelligent connected truck on September 19th. The intelligent driving technology of Sinotruk is mainly composed of automotive driving auxiliary system, which includes Collision Warning System(CWS), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane ....

  • Sinotruk and Continental Automotive Renewed Their Strategic Cooperation Agreement


    On November 7, the strategic cooperation agreement renewal ceremony of Sinotruk and Continental Automotive was held at Sinotruk Technology Mansion. Cai Dong, President of Sinotruk, and Dr. Micheal J Ruf, International President of Continental Corporation Commercial Vehicles, signed ....

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