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China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Sales Department Of All Branches Strengthen Marketing Network Business Training
Data:2017-08-31    Source:SINOTRUK     Pv:

Since 2017, many domestic tipper, mixer and tractor truck markets show great vitality, the demand for the above models is growing, facing the great opportunities, various dealers actively prepared to various dealers actively preparing to take the initiative in the new round of competition in the market. In order to enhance the overall strength of CNHTC in all regions, Sinotruk sales offices around the business network have been intensive business trained.


In Chongqing, Chongqing branch of the dealer's work this year carried out a summary and evaluation, and in accordance with the status of the Chongqing region for each dealers made new demands. The meeting explained in detail the direction of sales work, the focus of work, attention and so on. Dealers have expressed their willingness to take the initiative to do business, and strive to open up the market, strictly abide by the provisions of CNHTC, work with the CNHTC together to do the Chongqing market better.

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